Limited time Invitation... is cutting edge product testing community. It is comprised of REAL shoppers – just like you – that help brands:

  • Gain insight on their products
  • Learn more about the problems consumers face and the solutions they need
  • Improve their marketing messaging
  • And build awareness for their new products

Brands want to give you their products for free – they just need your helpful assistance.

The brands we work with are passionate small businesses. These are companies that have spent tireless years developing and fine tuning their products and they want to give their products to REAL consumers – like you – so they can learn more and increase awareness of their product. and our brand partner network provide our members free or 100% cashback on new cutting edge products. In exchange, our members complete simple surveys and share their experience on the product and brand.

  • What is your first impression of their packaging?
  • Do they communicate clearly? - What did you learn...
  • Are there any improvements that can be made?... Educate the brand!
  • What are your overall feelings of the product or brand?
  • How does the product stand out when compared to competition?
  • hy would you refer this product to a friend? Or why not?

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Your actions will not go unnoticed. The better you do, the more exclusive products you will be given to test – product value can range as high as $200. Our best members are treated like the VIPs – that they are.

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Super excited about this service!

Rebecca Cobb
The deals are amazing, and I just ordered my second today. I signed up after I saw an ad on Facebook,just a little suspicious at the beginning because 9/10 times if something is too good to be true ... It is. But I think this is a good and trustworthy community overall!

Things I like:Easy and fast refund, great deals and the posibility to climb in rank or levels (hover you want to call it).

Things I dislike: Until now it's been a great overall experience!

I love this page!

Gladys Donnely
Super exited about this service!
I just did my first test: An amazon Dot! The cashback works like a charm. The system is till in early stage it seems, not everything is as smooth as it should be. Really looking forward to my next invitation.


Carl Evans
I'm still a bit sceptial, but if you ask me for a testemonial, here we go.

I just ordered my first product and received the first cashback. Still waiting the questionnaire invitation and waiting the product to arrive. Will update later...